David Broad – Never Can Tell

I met David Broad way back in the heady years of 2003. Ever since then we’ve partaken in many folk adventures along with a play about a guy called Woody to singing country songs to bemused Halifaxians. I don’t know if I’d have ever met this guy with wild hair unless he had introduced himself because otherwise how would I know who he was?? I mean, really. Well he’s had a few laps of the old block and finally he has recorded a bunch of songs that he has given me the honour of stamping Folk Theatre on each copy with the help of artist sibling type Peter Broad.

Here we have some of the hottest folk tracks to leap off of your speaker parts be they small or loaded, and into your ear holes. Mostly written by himself and mostly written about harrowing life stories of roadworks and females. I think Serious Sam Barrett makes an appearance both lyrically and physically as do I and as does Peter Carlill. The whole family is on this one!

In all seriousness, I am so pleased to hear such an understated talent but at the same time disappointed if all this effort goes unnoticed. This album is a joy to listen to. Filled with stories and loud strings. Singing and ranting. Stamping and fleeting. Get yourself down and listen. YOLO!



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